Bryan Duncan is hoping to come to your town on the I See You Tour and the Joy to the World Christmas Celebration.

The I See You Concert Tour and Joy To The World Christmas Celebrations offer churches and charities the resources, volunteers and funding to reach new people and impact their communities. Even groups with little to no experience organizing events can produce them effectively with support from Children In Need Inc. Call Christopher Redner at 253-874-8400 to set up a concert in your area.

I See You is a song by Bryan Duncan that gratefully acknowledges God's presence and participation in our lives.

"My wife does this thing throughout the day," says Bryan Duncan. "She'll be working at something and out of the blue she'll just stop, point to the sky and say 'I see you!' I had to smile because it is such a great example of being in the moment with God. I don't see that kind of acknowledgement of God very often. It seemed like the perfect idea for a song."

The expression "I See You Moment" is used to recognize a specific example of God at work. Saying "That's an 'I See You Moment'" is a way of recognizing God's blessing, redirection or other involvement in your situation.

Duncan has four Dove Awards, a Grammy Award and about 1.2 million album and video sales to his credit. He was was inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame along with Amy Grant and Al Green.

"I’m not on a big record label" says Duncan, "so I really need your help making sure this album even gets noticed. You can share this page (there are easy share links at the top of the page) with your friends to help."

Please share this page with your friends (there are easy share links at the top of the page). Join a Good for the Soul group in your area to increase the chances that Bryan Duncan will do a concert in your town and to ensure you are notified when he does.

Duncan and his music are accessible on Facebook,YouTube, Vimeo and his website.

I See You